2022-2023 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 05, 2023  
2022-2023 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog

Financial Aid & Student Affairs

Financial aid is available to assist students who have a demonstrated financial need, or who can show an academic or special talent. Awards are available in various forms (grants, scholarships, or part-‐time employment) from federal, state, institutional, or private funds. To apply for financial assistance, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Students must reapply for financial aid each academic year.

Financial aid helps students pay for their education. Financial aid is not limited to just one kind of financial aid. Students are encouraged to apply for all types of available financial aid. Many sources of financial aid may be added together as long as the total does not go over the Cost of Attendance. The Cost of Attendance includes tuition, fees, books, room and board, transportation and other miscellaneous personal expenses.

Students are not required to be enrolled full-time to receive Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, and student loans. However, if you are enrolled less than full-time, your award(s) will be based on the number of hours of enrollment. All hours that are included in the calculation must lead directly to a Southeast Arkansas College technical certificate or associate degree. Some awards require a minimum of six (6) semester hours in order to be eligible for the funds.

Sources Of Financial Aid 

Applying For Federal Student Aid 

Student Status – Dependent Or Independent?  

Verification Of Financial Information For FAFSA 

How Eligibility Is Determined 

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) 

Academic Year 

Payment Period 

Enrollment Status For Federal Student Aid 

Applying For State Grants And Scholarships 

Transfer Students Applying For Financial Aid 

Notification Of Award 

Purchasing Books With Financial Aid 

Summer Aid 

Deadlines For Selected Financial Aid Applications 

Cost Of Attendance 


Estimate Of Expenses 

Payment Of Tuition, Fees, And Books 

Credit Balance Policy 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements 

Policies For Satisfactory Progress (Special Conditions) 

Satisfactory Progress Appeal Procedures 

Federal Student Aid Financial Aid Funds Disbursement Policy 

Repayment Of Federal Student Aid Funds 

Student Rights For Financial Aid 

Student Responsibilities For Financial Aid 

Federal Work Study Student Employment 

Federal Student Loans 

State Financial Aid Programs And Scholarships 

Seark College Institutional Scholarships 

Seark College Tuition Waivers 

Other Scholarships For Seark Students 

Other Financial Aid Resources