May 26, 2020  
2019-2020 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog

Student Code Of Conduct

Students, as members of the SEARK College community, are afforded certain rights; but in turn, they are expected to meet certain responsibilities. Students should understand and exercise their rights, meet their responsibilities, and allow other students to enjoy the same privileges. The College maintains an academic environment for all without denying opportunities to any. Being unfamiliar with SEARK policies and procedures does not excuse a student from acting responsibly.

  1. Student Rights
    1. Students have the right to be heard in matters that affect their rights and responsibilities.
    2. Students have the right to examine and discuss issues of importance, and legally support popular/unpopular causes in an orderly manner. However, students do not have the right to disrupt college operations or interfere with the rights of others. To obtain a permit for holding a peaceful demonstration, a student (or group of students) must first complete a Student Activity Request Form and submit it to the Student Affairs Office least 72 hours prior to the event. The location must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs Office.
    3. Individual students and student clubs/organizations can publish and distribute items to the college community, provided that the materials are identified with the name of the student/student club/organization. All publications/broadcasts should adhere to the canons of responsible journalism, including avoidance of defamation, indecency/obscenity, undocumented allegations, plagiarism, and harassment. All publications must be approved by the Student Affairs Office prior to distribution.
    4. Students have the right to form and participate in student clubs/organizations that provide educational and social enrichment. Student clubs/organizations duly registered with Student Affairs are allowed to meet in rooms and spaces located on the college campus provided that reservations are made prior to each meeting, and the meeting proceeds in accordance with established rules and regulations. Students/student groups may not make room/space reservations at SEARK in their names for use by outside groups/organizations.
    5. Student clubs/organizations registered with the Student Affairs Office have the right to invite a speaker to their meeting at the college. If there is clear evidence that the event could disrupt the orderly operation of the college, the Vice President for Student Affairs has the right to cancel a speaker’s invitation. The sponsoring organization will be notified of the cancellation at the earliest possible time.
    6. Student academic records are confidential and subject to existing law. Official records kept at SEARK do not indicate political affiliations, activities, or beliefs and are not available to unauthorized persons within or outside the institution without the express written, legal consent of the student involved.
    7. Students are afforded due process when accused of any violation(s) of the regulations of the SEARK Student Code of Conduct. Due process is based on Student Life Policies and administrative procedures. For violations resulting in suspension/expulsion, students have the right to:
      1. A notice in writing of any charges.
      2. Admit to the alleged violation, waive an appeal, and accept the college’s action(s).
      3. Admit to the alleged violation and request an appeal.
      4. Deny that the alleged violation occurred and request an appeal.
      5. A fair appeal heard before an impartial committee.
      6. Appear in person, or not appear at an appeal with the assurance that failure to do so is not an admission of guilt.
      7. Select an advisor who will attend the appeal along with the student.
      8. Call witnesses and present evidence.
      9. Receive a list of witnesses who are to testify against the accused student.
      10. Confront and cross-examine witnesses and/or accusers.
      11. Request a copy of any records or tape recordings used during the course of an appeal if the offense involves possible suspension/expulsion.
      12. Appeal to the Student Advocate Appeals Office; and if no resolution occurs, directly to the President of the College.
  2. Student Regulations and Rules of Conduct
    It is the basic and fundamental responsibility of the college to maintain order using the defined policies and procedures. The filing of a SEARK Application for Admission is regarded as an applicant’s intention to abide by the standards and regulations set forth by SEARK. A student forfeits the right to remain enrolled if he/she fails to abide by these rules. The following lists the regulations and responsibilities of students, individually and collectively. Additional rules or regulations can be enacted during the year as set forth by the established procedures of the college.
    1. Firearms, explosives, fireworks, or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on or near the college campus or at college-sponsored events except when previously authorized.
    2. The manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, or use of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, controlled substances, or dangerous drugs on or near campus and at institutionally approved events on-campus/off-campus is strictly prohibited.
    3. No person is allowed to physically abuse, verbally abuse, threaten, or intimidate any member of the faculty, staff, student body, or a visitor to the college. Including psychological abuse, social and sexual harassment or coercion.
    4. Taking, damaging, or maliciously/willfully destroying property owned by the college, a visitor to the College or a member of the college community is strictly prohibited.
      People are not allowed to assemble on campus for the purpose of rioting or instigating disorderly, disruptive conduct that interferes with the educational processes of the college. SEARK recognizes the right to peacefully assemble.
    5. Gambling on campus is prohibited.
    6. No person shall interfere with, fail to cooperate with, or not identify himself/herself to a properly identified administrator, staff member, or security personnel while the employee is performing his/her duties.
    7. Unauthorized entry into or damage to any college facility is prohibited.
    8. Falsification, alteration, fabrication, or misuse of college forms, documents (written and electronic), records, identification cards, or documents that are submitted to the college for official purposes is prohibited.
    9. Clubs/organizations that are not properly registered with the Student Affairs Office are prohibited from meeting or conducting business anywhere on campus.
    10. Publications that do not bear the name of the originator or do not adhere to SEARK publication standards cannot be distributed on the SEARK campus.
    11. Students who defraud, deceive, coerce, or mislead an instructor into assigning other than an honest grade will be duly reprimanded and/or disciplined.
    12. Hazing is not allowed. Hazing violations are abusive rites used to initiate students that are to be inducted into a club/organization.
    13. The unauthorized use of college property/services is strictly prohibited, including creating a fire
    14. Disruptive behavior that interferes with learning on campus is not permitted.
    15. The viewing or public display of pornography on campus or campus events is not permitted.
    16. Acts of dishonesty, including but not limited to: cheating, plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty; furnishing false information to any college official or office, forgery, alteration and misuse of any college document, record or instrument of identification.
    17. Making threats and/or threatening behavior. Including behavior threating to property, others or to yourself