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2019-2020 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog

Technology Use Policy

Southeast Arkansas College has made a significant investment in computer and communications technology to promote and support the exchange of information both within the College and between the College and the world as a whole. The computer and communications technology available to the faculty, staff, and students at Southeast Arkansas College is provided to support the College’s Mission and Goals. Use of these resources must be consistent with the College’s Mission and Goals and applicable state and federal laws or regulations.

The following guidelines set forth the basic rules governing campus technology usage. Additional guidelines and/or rules of use may govern computer/network use in individual situations, i.e., departmental computer labs, the Library, various college offices, etc. The Computing Services Department is charged with the overall responsibility for the College’s computer and communications technology and will engage in activities necessary to protect the system.

Computer and/or network use is generally restricted to activities that are directly related to the Mission and Goals of SEARK College by the faculty and staff to complete employment obligations and by students to complete course assignments. Students and members of the greater community may use certain College computers for personal research or projects under guidelines set by the applicable College department, or division, i.e. the Library.

All computer and/or network use must conform to federal copyright law (U. S. Code Title 17) and all software license agreements. Computer programs and application software may not be installed, removed, disabled, or altered on SEARK College equipment without authorization from an appropriate official (computer lab supervisor, department head, college dean, vice president, or president) and the Computing Services Department. Programs may not be copied for unauthorized use on other computers.

All computer and/or network use must respect the rights and privacy of others. College equipment may not be used to threaten or harass others, to gain access or attempt to gain access to programs or files belonging to another, to deliberately access pornographic websites, to engage in illegal activities, to disrupt a computer network or system through the knowing distribution of computer viruses, or to conduct for-profit activity.

Violation of these guidelines may result in penalties including, but not limited to, dismissal, suspension, and/or revocation of access to network services. See Standards Of Conduct For Use Of Seark College Computers .

Please consult the SEARK College website for the full Technology Use Policy for specific policies and procedures at

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