May 25, 2020  
2019-2020 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog

Policies For Satisfactory Progress (Special Conditions)

  1. Developmental Courses - Enrollment in developmental courses will be considered in the total number of hours for calculating financial aid awards. Developmental coursework is counted when determining maximum time limit. Loan applications will not be certified for students enrolled only in developmental courses unless those individuals have been accepted into an eligible technical certificate or associate degree program.
  2. “I” (Incomplete) Grades - Incomplete grades will be calculated as failing grades until the course has been satisfactorily completed according to provisions in the College catalog. These classes will also be included in the student’s total attempted hours. See the Satisfactory Progress Appeal Procedures for information on extenuating circumstances.
  3. “W” Withdrawals - Students are responsible for completing all courses for which they are registered. Failure to complete courses is viewed as unsatisfactory progress. The hours associated with withdrawals will be included in the hours attempted but not completed. See the section on 150% Rule-Maximum Time Limit to Receive Federal Aid.
  4. Repeating Courses - The last grade recorded in the repeated course is the grade of record and will be used in computing the student’s grade-point average. Both courses will count towards the number of hours attempted. Grades of A, B. C and D will be counted in the number of hours completed. A student wishing to improve the grade of a previously passed course (received a letter grade of D or above) may repeat the course once. A student may repeat a failed course until it is successfully completed as long as Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria are being met.
  5. Transfer Students - For the purpose of awarding financial aid, transfer students must submit a transcript from every college and university attended before the application of aid may be considered. Credit hours attempted at all institutions that apply to the current course of study will be counted in the hours attempted and toward the maximum hours allowed for financial aid eligibility at Southeast Arkansas College, including developmental coursework.
  6. Satisfactory Academic Progress is required of all financial aid applicants at Southeast Arkansas College, including those applicants who have not previously participated in federal aid programs.